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I understand that my product labels must comply with the listed requirements. initial I have read FSI-898d Home Processing fact sheet and agree to comply with the listed provisions. FSI-898c Rev* 01/17 NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets Division of Food Safety and Inspection HOME PROCESSOR REGISTRATION REQUEST Date Owner Name County Trade Name Street Address City Phone Number Zip Code E-mail/Website Address LIST COMMON OR USUAL NAME OF THE NON POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS PRODUCTS THAT YOU...
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all right well Im usually kind of guy who thinks that opening up a box on YouTube is stupid but I just got this thing and Im really excited about it its the hummingbird 898 C its the HD SI combo so its got the GPS 7 7 inch display side imaging down imaging when I first started researching this I thought it was one in the same I found out its a pretty big difference also there are theyve got the switch fire mode sure its focusing right yeah dual beam plus external Ethernet external and contour XD which is the maps and its got Ethernet for networking also it is compatible with late master and Navionics lets open it up check it out Ive already broke the seal here look at that Ive been selected by hummingbird alright got some cool stickers one for the boat one for the truck thats what it says there basically thats just saying that they have a warranty on it and call customer support is this is what Ive been waiting for nice cover basically what I found out between the HD version then on HD is its got the backlight LED backlighting so that you can use it in the daytime and see it just as easily so I hope thats true alright lets find out what they all say put the box here most with GPS transducer side imaging I guess this is Miss B power positive and negative here mounting hardware oh yeah the little knobs or the mounting brackets mounting plate looks pretty nice well Ive always been the kind of guy to use the 200 fishing fish finder so Im really decided about this one everything that it can do comes with a hummingbird instructional DVD thats nice installation guide packaging customer service number weve got the electronic manual city wrong I guess its the instructions for the GPS receiver information of Navionics so interesting cuz I heard that I may be wrong when I thought hummingbird bought out a lake master so you would think that they would be really pushing late master stuff in there and their fish finders which I guess thats after I talk to Bass Pro guys they said that that was the last thing I would need were gonna buy a chip for those of you that dont know you gotta buy a lake master or a Navionics chip and that is what operates your GPS there anyways thats everything that came in it excited and I go install this sucker now and Ill probably do a video on that as well